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Need help designing a Custom IP with Avalon Slave Interface

Hello all. 


I need help on designing a Custom IP (for use on Qsys) in verilog, which has a Avalon Slave Interface connected to Avalon Master of Nios II Processor. And I want to transfer data into the module's register through de-referencing. Problem is that I'm fairly new to this Avalon Interface stuff, and I don't understand how Nios2 Processor accesses the custom IP through Avalon Interface, and the data is input. 


I want to input data into the module by using pointers in c code, like : 

| volatile int * addr = (int *) (base_addr_of_custom_ip); 

| addr = 0x00000001; 



The custom module's verilog code tries to store the input data like this : 

| input [4:0] s_addr; 

| input [31:0] s_wdata; //Avalon Interface write data 

| reg [31:0] data; 

| always @(posedge clk) begin 

| data <= s_wdata; 

| end 


(note that this is not a complete slave interface design : I need only one set of data input for now) 



That's about it. So the question is : How does writing into module work, when by de-referencing in c code? 




EDIT : Okay I somehow made double post and it's all messed up. This one isn't supposed to be uploaded...
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Woah what? Somehow I made double post, and both of their contents are invisible to me... 

What's going on... 


+) I'll contact the Admins to have the two threads removed. Sorry.
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When you add the custom component to your Qsys (now called Platform Designer) system, you set a base address for it in the master's address space. When you generate the system, you get a .sopcinfo file that is then used by the Nios II EDS (Eclipse) to create header files with macros for accessing the slave at the appropriate address. 


Note: you need a write enable signal in your Verilog code.