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Print TDO on JTAG Chain Debugger

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I have a JTAG chain of 3 devices; I used JTAG Chain Debugger to go through the JTAG chain step-by-step.  


In the example that I attached, I sent an IR instruction to bypass the first 2 devices, and select the ID register of Device 3 (UNKNOWN_1000143). Then, I shift the data registers and I get the correct ID (1000143) for device 3. 

What I want to do is use a .svf to automate the previous commands; I saved the session log and I get the following content for the .svf: 

ENDIR IDLE; ENDDR IDLE; SIR 18 TDI (3FFF1); !TDO (15511) SDR 34 TDI (000000000); !TDO (001000143) 


I also tried to move the semicolon and remove the "!" which I guess is for comments, but I have the same result: "Success to execute file...". 

ENDIR IDLE; ENDDR IDLE; SIR 18 TDI (3FFF1) TDO (15511); SDR 34 TDI (000000000) TDO (001000143); 

I even tried to play with MASK and SMASK (I am still confused with their differences). 


Is it possible to print the value of TDO with JTAG Chain Debugger; or is it something the tool does internally during step-by-step operations? 





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