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Problem Downloading IBIS AMI Model for Arria10 GTX


I am trying to download the IBIS AMI model for the Arria10 GTX buffers. It's about 600 Meg. 


I cannot find a download manager for this file at

Download management seems only to be provided for software like Quartus, elsewhere on the website. 

Also I cannot Save Target As, because of the .css constructs on this page, so the only way of downloading is to click on the .zip filename, which starts a standard browser download. 

The file I want is 


There is a common problem with downloading very large files from web browsers where download is interrupted and does not complete. 

I have not so far managed to download more than about the first 200 Meg of this file.  

The Edge browser pause/resume does not solve the problem. I have also tried Chrome and IE with no success (Windows 10). 


Does anyone know, please, how I can download this file. 


Any help will be much appreciated.
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