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Qsys Avalon Streaming Sink in Component Editor



I am struggling with the Component Editor in Qsys.  


I would like to use the SGDMA IP the produce a 64-bit Avalon stream from memory. This is done by 8 parallel streams of 8 bits (see screenshot). However, I am not able to produce the same waveform in my own component. The editor always drafts one input data of 8 bits (see screenshot). The data sink port is initialized with a 64-bit vector. 


module avalon_interface (//inputs clock, resetn, ctrl_write_data, ctrl_read, ctrl_write, ctrl_address, in_sink_valid, in_sink_data, in_sink_sop, in_sink_eop, weight_sink_valid, weight_sink_data, weight_sink_sop, weight_sink_eop, weight_data_empty, out_source_ready, //outputs ctrl_read_data, in_sink_ready, weight_sink_ready, out_source_valid, out_source_data, out_source_sop, out_source_eop ); input clock; input resetn; input ctrl_write_data; input ctrl_read; input ctrl_write; input ctrl_address; input in_sink_valid; input in_sink_data; input in_sink_sop; input in_sink_eop; input weight_sink_valid; input weight_sink_data; input weight_sink_sop; input weight_sink_eop; input weight_data_empty; input out_source_ready; output ctrl_read_data; output in_sink_ready; output weight_sink_ready; output out_source_valid; output out_source_data; output out_source_sop; output out_source_eop;  



Do you have any suggestions what I have to change to get the same waveform as that of the SGMDA IP? 


Thank you very much, 

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Those eight 8-bit symbols the tools are showing are all part of the same streaming interface. The tool is showing you that the symbol size is 8-bits and the total data width is 64-bit (i.e. 8 symbols wide). To implement something similar your streaming data would need to be 64-bit bit wide, with a symbol size of 8 bits, and a total width of 8 symbols. So you would define your RTL with a 64-bit data port and in component editor you set the symbol size to be 8, and if I remember correctly the tool will figure out the port is 8 symbols wide automatically.