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Quartus Editing Features - Find in Files & Find by Reference

In trying to learn about SystemVerilog and start using it in design over Verilog there comes the idea of greater abstraction by making use of typedef, structs, interfaces, and packages. This is great for readability and shortening code, but a disadvantage of this is that when you need to remind yourself what was in that typedef you need to reference the definition. If that definition is used in multiple spots it will likely be located in a package and depending upon how you break things out you need locate the file, then the definition line.  


As far as I can tell Quartus II does not allow for the ability to search for a string in all project files. You can search for a string in a file or all open files, but it will not search in all directory paths that are in the project. Nor upon compilation of the project will the user defined objects be searchable for their reference/definition at all.  


Are these features supported in Quartus II in some abstract way or are they really not available? The alternative methods I thought of doing was to link an external text editor that would support at least the function of find in all files. However, doing the find by reference would require a parser to search through user defined types to find where the definitions are and such. Another method I thought of was maybe leverage a TCL file and just make the parser myself, but I am not sure if that could work.
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I would recommend an external editor. If you're on windows, Notepad++ is free and very capable.