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Quartus Prime Lite Usage for Study in non-academic Environment



Hello, my name is Leonardo Ishida from Sony Corporation. I am writing to inquire about a matter regarding the course [], which uses the free software Quartus Prime Lite is provided by Intel.


I would like to make use of Quartus Prime Lite for study purposes in non-academic Environment - are there any intellectual property issues regarding the usage of the software that I should be concerned about?


Thank you for your patience and cooperation. I look forward to hearing from you.


Best regards,

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Hi Leonardo, Good day to you! Full licenses for the entire Intel FPGA IP Base Suite come free with purchase of a license for the Intel Quartus Prime Standard Edition or Intel Quartus Prime Pro Edition software. Users of Lite Edition can still access Intel FPGA IP cores in the IP Base Suite by using Intel's unique hardware evaluation feature called Intel FPGA IP Evaluation Mode or by buying a license to the IP Base Suite. Kindly refer link below for more information. Thank you.

​Dear Calvin


Thank you for your fast reply.


Just to make sure, if I use Quartus Prime Lite version of the software as part of an Employee Training Program , will there be any legal implications between my company and Intel? We are not planning to use the Quartus Prime for production at this stage, so we will using it basically for the simulator.



Hi Leonardo, There is no issue. Quartus Prime Lite is free of charge. You can use it for your Employee Training Program. Kindly refer 'Intel FPGA Technical Training' link below. Thank you.