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QuartusII 18.0 - number of processors used during compilation question

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I'm wondering whether in Quartus II 18.0 parallel processor usage is (again) limited to full versions, i.e. not available in the lite (free) Edition.  

Under Settings => Compilation Settings => Parallel compilaton moving the mouse pointer to either option in section parallel compilation it shows the hint "to use this feature you must purchase a full featured Edition of the Quartus Prime Software".  

Starting the compilation, in the message window there is the message "Info (20032): Parallel compilation is enabled and will use up to 4 processors" 

Contrary to this in the flow report, only use of one processor of my QuadCore is shown (in 17.1 all four were stated to be used). 


Is therefore the info in the message window false and Intel PSG "advertises" v18.0 to reduce compilaton times and memory usage, but does not mention this benefits now require to spend $2,995 ? :confused: 


Thus changing from 17.1 to 18.0 in free Edition is more a drawback in Performance.. :( 


Kind regards, Carlhermann
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