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SVF support for PFL?

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Does anyone know of a plan to support SVF with PFL?  


We've got home grown tools in our test group which are based on SVF. We prefer not to do any conversions.
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Sorry, there is no plan to support SVF for PFL. Jam is supported, but if your home grown tools dont' support it, that won't help you. If you upgraded to external test tools like JTAG Tech, Asset intertech, Goepel, etc., these all support Jam STAPL format and SVF. Or if you wanted to use the native Jam STAPL player from Altera, you could convert all your SVF files to Jam format thru their utility and get the same testing done all on Jam STAPL platform. 


The utility is called SVF2JAm and should be on the ( website. 


No utility exists for the other direction, i.e. Jam2SVF does not exist. This can't work because Jam uses loops, and adaptive algorithms, which is not possible in SVF.