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Sharing design files in libraries

till today, I used to evade the question of structuring my Quartus II "workspace" by putting all my design files in the current project directory. 

Team work, bigger and bigger designs lead me to think I can't keep this bad design practise !... 


So my problem is to share commonly used general purpose functions in a company library that would be structured similarly as follows: 


N:\ \ \ ..\FPGA_Lib\interface\spi 

N:\ \ \ ..\FPGA_Lib\interface\i2c 

N:\ \ \ ..\FPGA_Lib\interface\usb 

N:\ \ \ ..\FPGA_Lib\clock_management 

N:\ \ \ ..\FPGA_Lib\clock_management\divider 

N:\ \ \ ..\FPGA_Lib\clock_management\gated_clock 


So, there is the main folder "FPGA_Lib" that hosts sub-folders "transcoder", "interface", etc... further divided into other sub-folders (one for each function designed and tested as a small Quartus project). 

My questions are: 

1) is there a way to specify the main folder only as a global library to Quartus and to make it search design files on his own in sub-folders or do I have to specify EACH subfolders as global libraries ? I point out that the company library is hosted on a network drive and cannot be stored on the local drive C:\altera\... 

2) Do I have to explicitly add all the source files to the project or is there a way to do it automatically to avoid warnings like:"using design file xxxx.zzz which is not specified as a design file for the current project..." 


Thanks !
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Re: Sharing design files in libraries

you can use a .qip file to tell Quartus each HDL file associated with a specific core, that way you don't have to add each file explicitly to the project. i wrote a bash script that adds each VHDL and Verilog file in the directory to a .qip file that i've been meaning to put onto the wiki 


i don't use library directories, only .qip files
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