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Streaming Packet Signal Errors

On the Avalon Streaming interface. If there is a misbehaving module are there any defined behaviors to how you should handle the following error conditions that could occur.- Received two consecutive SOPs, (Missing EOP) 

This is the one I am not sure how to deal with, obviously I have already been pushing the previous packet out on the source interface to the next module in the pipe. 

- Recieved two consecutive EOPs, (Missing SOP) 

This one seems relatively straightforward. Given there is no SOP, the packet will be lost up to the consecutive EOP.
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Not really - dealing with errors is up to you. There is no "standard" way of dealing with it, as the modules are behaving outside of the desired standard. 

You have 3 choices: 

1. Fix the broken module 

2. Assume it all works as per the standard, and point the finger of blame at the other module when it doesnt work (so that it gets fixed) 

3. Trap the error, log it, and recover. 


If you are really paranoid, then 3 is the only answer. But in reality, you should be writing and verifying modules thoroughly