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Structure Padding or Memory Transferring

I have develop a C code to do some calculations on some data made of structures. It works perfectly on CPU with C code. I have then implemented the same code with OpenCL and it is outputting wrong results and by debugging on CPU I can see it's reading wrong values from the structures. I have developed different codes on OpenCl even big codes and didn't have this problem. I am using doubles to avoid precision differences but the problem here is that the data looks getting transferred wrongly. I have no idea why is this happening. What suggestions would you guys give me? I have done already structure packaging correctly I guess. Looks like the memory allocation might be giving some problems but I am not sure why. I am running just 1 work-item and no use of local memory only global. Before I was trying a similar code and it was not giving so many problems. I am thinking it's a problem of memory allocation but I have always done like this in other codes. 

Sorry if I am not posting any code but I can't share it because of my job.
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Without seeing the code, it would be pretty difficult to guess what the problem is.

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Let's start with memory allocation. This is how I allocate memory for structures: 


d_orders_size = sizeof(SimpleOrder) * orders->size(); 

d_orders = (SimpleOrder*)_aligned_malloc(d_orders_size, 64); 

for (int i = 0; i < orders->size(); i++) 

d_orders[i] = orders->at(i); 


This is the definition of the structure: 


struct SimpleOrder { 

cl_double a; 

cl_int b; 

enum anEnum c; 


cl_int d; 

cl_int e; 

cl_int padding[10]; 



So it's size of 64 bytes. 


Is there any problem with these two parts? 


The rest of the OpenCL code is the same as the C version so I don't see why there should be any problem since it's a one work item kernel.
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I have just realized I was passing the wrong buffer to a function inside the kernel... Sorry for wasting a thread here. Thanks it can be closed.