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System Console unable to link with Trace System (JTAG)

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Working with Quartus Pro v17.1.2 and Arria10 SX 660.  


Test design consists of HPS+EMIF and video system using VIP components. 


Video system: VIP Test Pattern Generator -> VIP Monitor -> (dout) VIP Frame Buffer II and (Capture) Trace System 


Inspection of DDR buffer contents pointed to by VIP FB II shows corruption to the test pattern. I've added a VIP Monitor and Trace System components to expose the Test Pattern Generator dout stream for comparison with final buffer contents. However, System Console will not link to the Trace System. This system is using a USB-BlasterII JTAG debugger.  


System Console does not list Tools->Trace Table and "get_service_paths trace" returns empty. 


Quartus Post-fit Netlist Viewer shows Trace System connected to auto instantiated SLD
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