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TSE MAC License Problem

Honored Contributor I

I am using Quartus II version 11.0 04/24/2011 Full Version, fully licensed. 


My license setup shows 2 different triple speed ethernet licenses with dates 2011.03, expiration permanent. 


When I try to generate programming files for a project with the TSE IP core from Qsys I get this error: 

Warning: Can't generate programming files for your current project because you do not have a valid license for the following IP core or cores. 

Warning: Unlicensed IP: ""Triple Speed Ethernet"(6AF7 00BD)" 

Warning: Unlicensed encrypted design file: "C:/altera/ethernet_test/ethernet_test/synthesis/submodules/altera_tse_top_mdio.v" 

Warning: Unlicensed encrypted design file: "C:/altera/ethernet_test/ethernet_test/synthesis/submodules/altera_tse_mdio_clk_gen.v" 

Warning: Unlicensed encrypted design file: "C:/altera/ethernet_test/ethernet_test/synthesis/submodules/altera_tse_mdio_cntl.v" 

Warning: Unlicensed encrypted design file: "C:/altera/ethernet_test/ethernet_test/synthesis/submodules/altera_tse_mdio.v" 



Why does the tool say I have a license in one place and I don't have a license in another?
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Honored Contributor I

I think you'll have to use a version of Quartus prior to 03/2011. Quartus 11.0 was released in 04/2011 so the license is not valid for that version. However, I'm surprised it didn't default to an opencore evaluation and give a time limited sof.

Honored Contributor I

Yes, it is a bit misleading, but your TSE license is permanent in the sense that you can use permanently any TSE core that was created before or up to march 2011. You will either need to go back to Quartus 10.1 or buy a new TSE license.

Honored Contributor I

Does anyone know how I can get it to generate a time limited file? My licenses are floating so I can't remove them without screwing up everyone else, and I have to wait for mine to get updated.


bumping this ancient thread because I have the same issue on 18.1 lite -- I was able to use time-limited .sofs but now it's not generating it and just erroring out saying it can't create programming files for unlicensed cores. How do I re-enable time limited .sofs?