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Unused qsys module causes fitter failure

My design contains up-to 4 DDR interfaces each is defined by emif qsys module. 

The project file adds a different emif qsys file to the project for each DDR interface. 

In general I build with only one DDR interface instantiated, this is done with an `ifdef that removes the instantiation of the other DDR interfaces. 


When I build with any of the DDR interfaces removed from the design the fitter fails with an error : 

Error: The auto-constraining script was not able to detect any instance for core < p510t_bank3_altera_emif_arch_nf_170_iamurii > 


The problem is that the automated build flow may build a configuration that has one or more DDR interfaces not instantiated. 

I dont want to have a different project file for each configuration. 


Is there a way for the fitter to not use the scripts from a qsys module that is not instantiated?
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