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Use RTL code as library in OpenCL?

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Altera mentioned that it's possible to include RTL design into OpenCL code as a compiled library.  

I can't find documentation about it, I tried looking at the design examples "library1 & 2" and still have no clue on how to do this.  

The xml file looks complicated, like the INTERFACE part and what goes to the REQUIREMENTS. And why does it need a CL file that writes the function again if it's including from RTL? 


Thank you.
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Documentation can be found on the OpenCL Programming Guide which details how to setup the XML and to create an RTL library to be used in OpenCL 


The necessary structure to create the OpenCL library can be found there. A C model of the function in OpenCL is used for emulating the HDL's functionality.
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Thanks! The key words keep being messed up and I didn't think it would be in the introduction hand book:rolleyes: