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Using two ethernet blaster II from one computer



I have to systems each containing an Intel Cyclone II fpga.

I want to have one ethernet blaster II connected to each of them.

These are the two blasters. IP address removed.

bash-3.1$ jtagconfig
1) EthernetBlasterII on aceb077a.XXX.yyy [EthernetBlasterII]
020B30DD EP2C15/20

2) EthernetBlasterII on aceb1350.XXX.yyy [EthernetBlasterII]
Unable to read device chain (JTAG chain broken)

If I do:
nios2-download --cable="EthernetBlasterII on aceb077a.XXX.yyy [EthernetBlasterII]" --device=1 --instance=0 --go --reset-target --accept-bad-sysid SOPCsystem/software/test_software/test_software.elf & nios2-terminal

I get the following error message:
[1] 42800
nios2-terminal: You have more than one JTAG cable available so you must use the
nios2-terminal: --cable option to choose between them (or set up a cable from
nios2-terminal: the launch configuration window).
nios2-terminal: No --cable option was provided (or you selected Automatic)
bash-3.1$ jtagconfig -Using cable "EthernetBlasterII on aceb077a.XXX.yyy [EthernetBlasterII]", device 1, instance 0x00
-Resetting and pausing target processor: OK
Initializing CPU cache (if present)
Downloaded 67KB in 3.9s (17.1KB/s)
Verified OK
Starting processor at address 0x04000194


And then everything hangs. Every time!

But if I remove cable 2 by writing:
jtagconfig --remove 2


Then nios2-download  works without perfectly.

Why is this so?

Absolutely no help from reading the manuals.

nios2-download --help provides the following non accurate description:

 -c/--cable <cable name> Specifies which JTAG cable to use (not needed if
you only have one cable). 


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You can launch two programmers for the two ethernet blaster ii.