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Verification of Pre-Computed CRC retrieved from MAX10 Error Detection Block



for a MAX10 based project, I'd like to utilize the pre-computed CRC32 value of Error Detection Block (ref. Intel® MAX® 10 FPGA Configuration User Guide) as a unique finger print for verification purposes.

In order to validate proper functionality of my VHDL module to read out the CRC, I'm looking for guidance to determine the CRC value with help of QUARTUS' built in tools.
Basically, I'd like to process the pof or sof file of my project to get the same CRC value, provided by MAX10 Error Detection Block.

I've tested the Tck checksum command "checksum -algorithm crc32 $file", which doesn't seem to be the solution for my issue.  (ref. Why is the checksum value generated by the Quartus II software programmer different than the checksum value generated by the Tcl checksum command? (


Is it possible to compute the CRC32 value of Error Detection Block?

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Sorry there is no way to get that value other than using the fiftyfivenm_crcblock IP.

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