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Weird messages when compiling for emulation

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I've been using the tools for a while now and just came across a strange message while compiling for emulation. 


"Scalarizer can't handle insertelement with non-constant index: %vecins = insertelement <16 x float>%31, float %.099, i32 %mul19, ! dbg !338" 


and many more lines just like that. 



Strangely the compiler does finish and prints "Emulation compilation completed successfully". I'm still trying to track down what's causing this, but this is the first time I've tried compiling for emulation using the float16 data type. It may also be just a bad line of code somewhere. 


Has anyone seen this behavior or know what it means? I'm unsure if the compiler succeeded or not... 


UPDATE: I've found the lines of code and they were simple writes to the float16 variable with the index equal to twice the for loop index variable. I've been able to replace them and removed the weird messages; however the question remains.
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