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Why does SystemConsole not include "autocomplete" capability like other terminals using TAB key

New Contributor II

Once we have loaded the tcl script into system console, we can invoke procedures inside it by typing their name and pressing return. The system console looks and behaves like a terminal window. However, I can see that by pressing TAB button it will not complete the name of a procedure that we have partially entered, or a variable name. This is quite different from other terminal windows e.g bash which have this auto completion feature or one where they show all possible ways to complete a word if we press TAB a few times.

System console has been around for a while. Why does such a basic feature not exist in it?

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Hi Hassan,

The reason is because system console is not made to behave like terminal/cmd which has the feature of autocomplete which has more functionalities and usage. I will file for enhancement to have this autocomplete feature in future version. Thank you for you comment on this really appreciate it.



New Contributor II

Autocomplete is quite a standard feature in terminals. It does not make sense to not have it in system console when it has been around for such a long time.