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Why is AMD Ryzen 7 CPU so slow in Fitter in Quartus Prime Lite 18.1?


I make two tests with same Quartus project, same OS (Windows 10 Home) a differen between Intel and AMD CPU is huge.


two cores Intel Pentium G5400 take: 3:57


AMD Ryzen 7 1700 (8cores): 13:46



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We appreciate for the thread submission here. This is really an abstractive question to be address by making comparison in terms of CPU's Core's as the focus. Each units of CPU listed in the photo attachment has the own best performance and also the limitations.


This more on performance bench-marking where more requirement of your systems used need to taking into consideration in terms of memory, hardisk space, speeds (RAM/HDD), processing thread configured, cache and so on.


Beside this, the operating system used also one of the factors along with the utilization running on the background. There are several configuration set you can try out to getting better performance using Quartus as below:


1. How can I improve the compilation time performance of the parallel compilation feature in the Quartus II software?


2. What PC should I buy to get the fastest compilation time for the Quartus II software?


Beside this, you can also refer to our latest Quartus 18.1 released notes for system requirements here:


I hope this help to address your question and good luck on your tuning.




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Did you find any reason why your Ryzen was that much slower? I have a similar setup and see the same effect you were observing. If I were evil I would say Intel is slowing down things on processors other than ... Intel of course. But I am not and therefor I am optimistic there are other reasons


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