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aocl diagnose failed : AAL issues

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I am trying to run a .aocx file.  

when i do aocl diagnose , i get the following :  

aocl diagnose: Running diagnose from /home/saravind/bdw_fpga_pilot_opencl_v1.0/bdw_fpga_pilot_opencl_bsp_v1.0/linux64/libexec 

ccip_mmd.cpp:1003:serviceAllocateFailed() **Error : Failed to allocate Service 

ccip_mmd.cpp:1123:runtimeAllocateServiceFailed() **Error : Runtime AllocateService failed 

ccip_mmd.cpp:453:open() **Error : ALIAFU allocation failed 



Error: Failed to initialize the OpenCL/AAL system. 

Error: Ensure a correct OpenCL image is programmed on the FPGA, and that the CCI driver has been loaded. 

Using platform: Altera SDK for OpenCL 

CL device ID = 64 

Failed clGetDeviceIDs. 

Error code: -1 

aocl diagnose: failed. 


I think this issue is due to some library environment variable settings. 

Please let me know if you know of any possible reasons/solutions to this issue. 

Thank you.
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Your board must come with a "getting started guide" that comes with step by step instructions as to how you should set up your board. Make sure you carefully read and follow the instructions.