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can't access Quartus Pro floating license from Linux


Hi there,


Currently I have two Quartus Pro 18.1 licenses floating on a server. I can access it from my Win7 workstation compiling Stratix 10 designs no problem. Recently I installed Quartus Pro 18.1 on a Red Hat Enterprise 7 Linux server and tried to access the same floating licenses to no avail. In Linux command line using lmutil tool I can see the license, but when I launched a compile, Quartus started to analyze files but just seconds later it outputed something like this


Info: Analyzing source files

Error (19286): No license for family Stratix 10

Error: Flow failed: ERROR: Current design not found


Warning: Failed to write report

Error: Quartus Prime Synthesis was unsuccessful. 2 errors, 1 warning


It is the same design I used on the Win7 machine. The "Current design not found" is probably not real. So it is likely because of the license. In Linux I did not use GUI, just command line to compile

quartus_sh --flow compile project_name

I had LM_LICENSE_FILE set to point to the license server.


Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Can you provide the following information:

  1. License.dat file
  2. output of lmutil lmstat
  3. screenshot of Tools > License Setup