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error when open IP from the platform designer

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Dear Support/Expert, 

While I am open a ip, which I know it is good and compiled successfully, but when I open it from the platform designer, I will have this error. 


Info: Reading index C:\intelfpga_pro\21.3\qsys\lib\root_components.ipx
Info: C:\intelfpga_pro\21.3\qsys\lib\root_components.ipx: Loading now from components.ipx
Info: Reading index C:\intelfpga_pro\21.3\qsys\lib\ip_component_categories.ipx
Info: C:\intelfpga_pro\21.3\qsys\lib\ip_component_categories.ipx described 0 plugins, 0 paths, in 0.01 seconds
Info: C:/intelfpga_pro/21.3/qsys/lib/ip_component_categories.ipx matched 1 files in 0.02 seconds
Info: C:/FPGA/TSW14J57_pro/HiLo_XCVR_16lane_pro/ip/ip/jesd204b/ip/**/* matched 0 files in 0.00 seconds
Info: C:/FPGA/TSW14J57_pro/HiLo_XCVR_16lane_pro/ip/ip/jesd204b/* matched 63 files in 0.14 seconds
Info: Reading index C:\FPGA\TSW14J57_pro\HiLo_XCVR_16lane_pro\ip\ip\jesd204b\jesd204b_emif_0_tb\jesd204b_emif_0.ipx
Info: C:\FPGA\TSW14J57_pro\HiLo_XCVR_16lane_pro\ip\ip\jesd204b\jesd204b_emif_0_tb\jesd204b_emif_0.ipx described 0 plugins, 3 paths, in 0.00 seconds
Info: C:/FPGA/TSW14J57_pro/HiLo_XCVR_16lane_pro/ip/ip/jesd204b/*/* matched 442 files in 0.07 seconds
Info: C:/FPGA/TSW14J57_pro/HiLo_XCVR_16lane_pro/prj/* matched 17 files in 0.00 seconds
Info: C:/intelfpga_pro/21.3/qsys/lib/$$QUARTUS_IP_USERDIR/* matched 0 files in 0.00 seconds
Info: C:/intelfpga_pro/21.3/qsys/lib/$$QUARTUS_IP_GLOBALDIR/* matched 0 files in 0.00 seconds
Info: Reading index C:\intelfpga_pro\21.3\ip\altera\altera_components.ipx
Info: Reading index C:/intelfpga_pro/21.3/ip/altera/hw_altera_components.iipx
Info: C:/intelfpga_pro/21.3/ip/altera/hw_altera_components.iipx described 3022 plugins, 0 paths, in 0.31 seconds
Info: Reading index C:/intelfpga_pro/21.3/ip/altera/sw_altera_components.iipx
Info: C:/intelfpga_pro/21.3/ip/altera/sw_altera_components.iipx described 80 plugins, 0 paths, in 0.01 seconds
Info: C:\intelfpga_pro\21.3\ip\altera\altera_components.ipx described 0 plugins, 2 paths, in 0.32 seconds
Info: Reading index C:\intelfpga_pro\21.3\ip\altera\toolkits.ipx
Info: C:\intelfpga_pro\21.3\ip\altera\toolkits.ipx described 28 plugins, 0 paths, in 0.01 seconds
Info: C:/intelfpga_pro/21.3/ip/**/* matched 131 files in 0.34 seconds
Info: C:/intelfpga_pro/ip/**/* matched 0 files in 0.00 seconds
Info: Reading index C:\intelfpga_pro\21.3\qsys\lib\builtin.ipx
Info: C:\intelfpga_pro\21.3\qsys\lib\builtin.ipx described 95 plugins, 0 paths, in 0.01 seconds
Info: C:/intelfpga_pro/21.3/qsys/lib/builtin.ipx matched 1 files in 0.01 seconds
Info: C:/intelfpga_pro/21.3/quartus/common/librarian/factories/**/* matched 0 files in 0.00 seconds
Info: C:/intelfpga_pro/21.3/qsys/lib/$IP_IPX_PATH matched 1 files in 0.00 seconds
Info: C:\intelfpga_pro\21.3\qsys\lib\root_components.ipx described 0 plugins, 12 paths, in 0.58 seconds
Info: C:/intelfpga_pro/21.3/qsys/lib/root_components.ipx matched 1 files in 0.58 seconds
Error: Failed to retrieve source file from Quartus project, manually re-run the following commands in Quartus tcl shell.
Error: set filesList [list]; foreach_in_collection file [get_all_assignments -type global -name IP_FILE] { append filesList [get_assignment_info $file -value]\; }; return $filesList;


I don't understand what the last line means. 




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Hi Sun,

I believe this might be related to migration issue from STD to Pro. I recommend you to look at link below Migrating to the Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition Software. It describes flow how to migrates and what need to be done like project assignment, sdc, script etc. You probably need to regenerate all the IPs in order to open the IP.

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