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im using sine function through megawizard, but instead getting the sine result im getting the data, the angle that we gave. does someone have a guide that can help us use the code correctly? thank you

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Please verify that your application is not working while you think it is not.

As a matter of fact lim(x->0) sin(x)=x, so for small angles the sine of an angle is the angle itself.

Do also note that calculations are in radians, not in degrees and that you are limited to -PI/PI or 0..PI/2 depending on your input parameter.

If you still fail, please provide reply and I will try to make an example (I am just in the middle of project with floating point calculations).

If you would like to use a lookup table, I provided an example where you can generate a .MIF using a .XLS spreadsheet (including VBA macro) and a demo project where the .mif is used to calculate a sine using the lookup table.

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