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quartus_pgm: Programming option E is illegal

Honored Contributor II

Hello to everyone and sorry for newbie question 

(considering that I don't know too much about Altera FPGA) 

but I don't find the answer to that error either on Altera documentation or in this forum. 


I am trying to dump the flash from a Cyclone III board, 

precisely Cyclone III EP3C120F48417N and as flash Intel 256P30B, 

through jtag with quartus_pgm version 13.0sp1 but I always receive the following error: 

"Error (213002): Programming option E is illegal. Refer to --help for legal programming option combinations." 

As programmer, I am using an USB-Blaster that works correctly with a Cyclone V. 


Search devices in the chain. 

Info: Command: quartus_pgm -a Info (213045): Using programming cable "USB-Blaster " 1) USB-Blaster 020F70DD EP3C120/EP4CE115  



Try to examine the flash. 

Info: Running Quartus II 64-Bit Programmer Info: Command: quartus_pgm --operation=E;smtest.pof;EP3C120 --mode=jtag --no_banner Info (213045): Using programming cable "USB-Blaster " Error (213002): Programming option E is illegal. Refer to --help for legal programming option combinations. Error: Quartus II 64-Bit Programmer was unsuccessful. 1 error, 0 warnings  


Any suggestions to avoid that error? 


Thank you so much!
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1. Refer page 79 : 

Check the examples session for syntax. 


Also, refer to the previous thread which may help you. 


Maybe Flash is encrypted because of which we are getting this error. 

Try the examine option from the programmer itself instead of Nios shell. 


Best Regards, 

Anand Raj Shankar 

(This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation)