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Intel REAL-SENSE webcam not working when I log into SKYPE.


Intel REAL-SENSE webcam not working when I log into SKYPE.   I can see the person I am chatting with , but that person cannot see me on my cam.

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Hello chuckW,

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In this case, we need to inform you that support for any sort of inquiries for Intel® RealSense™ products is not provided on this forum. All the resources you need including technical support can be found in the link below.

Intel® RealSense™

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if your intel realsence webcam is not working properly when using skype , you can try the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Check webcam settings in Skype: Open Skype and go to "Settings" or "Options." Navigate to the "Audio & Video" or "Video settings" section. Make sure your Intel RealSense webcam is selected as the default camera. Adjust any other relevant webcam settings such as resolution or frame rate.

  2. Update Skype: Ensure that you have the latest version of Skype installed on your computer. Outdated versions may have compatibility issues with certain MyMileStoneCard  webcams. Visit the official Skype website or your app store to download and install the latest version.

  3. Update webcam drivers: It's important to have the latest drivers for your Intel RealSense webcam. Visit the Intel website and search for the appropriate drivers for your webcam model. Download                 and install the latest drivers following the provided instructions.

  4. Test the webcam in other applications:             Check if the Intel RealSense webcam is functioning correctly in other applications or software. You can use the Windows Camera app or any other video conferencing software to verify if the webcam is working as expected. If it works fine in other apps, the issue may be specific to Skype.

  5. Check privacy settings: Ensure that Skype has the necessary permissions to access your webcam. Go to your computer's privacy settings and make sure that Skype is allowed to access the camera. You may need to grant permission manually.

  6. Disable conflicting applications: Some applications or services may interfere with your webcam's functionality. Close or disable any other video-related software running in the background, such as camera utilities or virtual camera software.

  7. Restart your computer: Sometimes, a simple restart can resolve temporary glitches and refresh system settings. Restart your computer and launch Skype again to see if the issue persists.

  8. Contact Skype support: If the problem continues, reach out to Skype's customer support for further assistance. They can provide specific troubleshooting steps or help diagnose any potential compatibility issues.

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