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Error while running SPL debug bootloader script

Environment:  Ubuntu 20.04, Arm DS 2020 Standard, Quartus Prime 18.0 Standard, Terasic DE1-SoC dev kit.

Reference page:

Issue:  running the "debug-spl.ds" script noted in the link above (but tailored for the DE1-SoC dev kit), DS 2020 reports "ERROR(CMD360)...Wait for stopped timed out".  u-boot built successfully, as did the Quartus project which is based on a Terasic reference design.  I can run generic "hello world" programs, but cannot load the custom bootloader which allows access to the FPGA components.  debug-spl.ds script:

wait 5s
wait 5s
set trust-ro-sections-for-opcodes off
loadfile \$sdir/u-boot-socfpga/spl/u-boot-spl 0x0
restore \$sdir/u-boot-socfpga/spl/u-boot-spl.dtb binary &__bss_end
tbreak spl_boot_device
wait 60s

From the DS 2020 Commands window:

Connected to running target Intel SoC FPGA - Cyclone V SoC (Dual Core)
cd "[...]/developmentstudio-workspace"
Working directory "[...]/developmentstudio-workspace"
source /v "/opt/arm/developmentstudio-2020.0/sw/debugger/configdb/Scripts/"

No SYSID registers could be found. Has a peripheral description file been supplied?

source /v "[...]/Documents/DE1_SoC_demo_2020/software/bootloader/debug-spl.ds"
Execution stopped in SVC mode at S:0xFFFF29B8
S:0xFFFF29B8 B {pc} ; 0xffff29b8
+wait 5s
WARNING(CMD315): Target is not running
+wait 5s
+set trust-ro-sections-for-opcodes off
Target has been reset
+loadfile \$sdir/u-boot-socfpga/spl/u-boot-spl 0x0
WARNING(IMG66): Unable to check the image is the correct endianness as the target is running.
Loaded section .text: S:0xFFFF0000 ~ S:0xFFFFA7FB (size 0xA7FC)
Loaded section .rodata: S:0xFFFFA7FC ~ S:0xFFFFCEAA (size 0x26AF)
Loaded section .data: S:0xFFFFCEAC ~ S:0xFFFFCF0B (size 0x60)
Loaded section .u_boot_list: S:0xFFFFCF0C ~ S:0xFFFFD6AF (size 0x7A4)
Entry point S:0xFFFF0000
Execution stopped in SVC mode due to a breakpoint or watchpoint: S:0x00000000
S:0x00000000 LDR pc,[pc,#24] ; [0x20] = 0xA8
+set semihosting enabled true
Semihosting server socket created at port 8000
Starting target with image [...]/Documents/DE1_SoC_demo_2020/software/bootloader/u-boot-socfpga/spl/u-boot-spl
Running from entry point
# in [...]/Documents/DE1_SoC_demo_2020/software/bootloader/debug-spl.ds:12 while executing: start
! Failed to start the target
! No function named "main" could be found
WARNING(CMD407): Trying the entry point instead
Execution stopped in SVC mode at S:0xFFFF0000
In boot0.h
+restore \$sdir/u-boot-socfpga/spl/u-boot-spl.dtb binary &__bss_end
Restoring Binary file [...]/Documents/DE1_SoC_demo_2020/software/bootloader/u-boot-socfpga/spl/u-boot-spl.dtb into memory
Restoring section S:0x00000000 to S:0x00000A9D into memory S:0xFFFFD6C4 to S:0xFFFFE161
+thbreak spl_boot_device
Hardware breakpoint 2 at S:0xFFFF0B0C
on file spl_gen5.c, line 31
+wait 60s
# in [...]/Documents/DE1_SoC_demo_2020/software/bootloader/debug-spl.ds:26 while executing: wait 60s
! Wait for stopped timed out
ERROR(CMD656): The script [...]/Documents/DE1_SoC_demo_2020/software/bootloader/debug-spl.ds failed to complete due to an error during execution of the script


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