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Problem in configuring busybox (for generating root file system for DE10 Nano embedded linux) as per step 7.2 of this tutorial -


Hello everyone,

I am trying to implement the tutorial on the above website for the DE10 Nano board. I am implementing it on Ubuntu 16.04. However, I am getting an error in step 7.2. When I run the command as given in the tutorial i.e. ( make -C buildroot busybox-menuconfig ) the busy box settings open up as shown in the image in step7.2 of the tutorial.

Then when I save the default settings as mentioned in the tutorial , the settings get closed and at the end of the terminal I get the following error message as shown below ( Error message - No such file or directory)Screenshot from 2019-02-09 17-35-59.png


Can anyone please help me solve this error ?

Any help is appreciated

Thanks and Regards


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Hello Welcome to INTEL forum. The DE10-Nano Development and Education Board belong to Terrasic. It would be better if you could contact Terrasic for enquiry related to Terrasic board.
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