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Using HDMI in HPS of HAN Pilot Board (Arria 10)



I'm working on the HPS ( linux BSP) of HAN Pilot board (Arria 10) and am trying to display my image data through HDMI.

From the intel site, I can download the "HAN_v.1.0.5_HWrevE-SystemCD" with some demonstration projects.

There is Demonstration/SoC_FPGA/a10s_hdmi project, but I can't find the C program for that.

About the led example, there is an example C code and a manual.

Can I take a example C code for the HDMI in HPS ?

And which paper should I read for this?


In order to control the HDMI and transfer image data, ​

what should i use as memory mapped address in HPS?


In order to store data in SDRAM,

what should i use as memory mapped address in HPS?


When I open the Demonstration/SoC-FPGA/a10s_hdmi project in Quartus and open soc_system.qsys in platform designer, a error message " i2c_opencores_hdmi: Component type i2c_opencores is not in the library" show up.

In fact, there is no the IP module about i2c_opencores_hdmi (quartus 18.1 standard, pro, 19.1...)

How can I solve this problem?

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We don't have a C source code for HDMI example , but there are different references which you can check.


Regarding the different parts of your question 

1.Please check the HDMI Display Data Channel (DDC) which is based on I2c 


2.Regarding HDMI , please find a reference design on the Helio Board


3.Please see the Terasic resources for Han Pilot board also.


Also since Han Pilot Board is Arria10 , you can explore the HDMI IP for Arria10


Thanks and Regards


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