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Compiling SGX's libc with Clang & SGX benchmark suite


I have two questions!

1. Is it possible to compile SGX's libc with clang? If so, I wonder if anybody has done it or if there is some tutorial for this. There is libc in Clang version (, but I wonder if we can do the same thing for SGX's libc. My goal is to create a slightly different version of libc binary that has extra security properties on it (such as randomizing each function's runtime address to be allocated, and to randomize their location in real time whenever they are called). 

2. I wonder if there is an SGX benchmark suite that is similar to SPEC 2017: My goal is to create a different version of SGX compiler that adds extra instructions that enforces security, but I want to test its overhead. So if there are some standard SGX benchmark programs, I can compare the performance of the programs compiled by regular SGX compiler and the ones compiled by my version. There are example apps in SGX source code, but I think they are not designed for benchmarks but for illustration purposes as to how to use SGX.


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