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Does SGX Support Stream Cipher or Iterative Encryption/Decryption?



I'm trying to encrypt and decrypt large chunk of data (>1G), which might not be able to fit in an Enclave's secure memory space.

I've noticed that AES-GCM in SGX SDK supports iterative encryption, but I guess that is not enough since it doesn't seem to support iterative decryption. (Well I don't think essentially AES-GCM can decrypt iteratively.)

So far what I can think of is partitioning the data into blocks, encrypt ->process->decrypt each block separately. But I'm wondering if other solutions are also possible.

So Could you help me figure out (1) if SGX supports stream cipher, or (2) is there some other ways in SGX that can encrypt and decrypt large chunks of data iteratively, and (3) overall what should I do in SGX in generally when handling large chunk of data?


Thank you!

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