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How Quoting enclave checks validity of a report submitted by Untrusted code onbehalf of an Enclave?

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Hi All,

i am trying to create a enclave sgx_report_t with sgx_report_data_ field,

sgx_create_report(target_info, data, report); //data is created in side enlave. Ex: a ecc256 public key

in quote create flow we have following function calls in Untrutesd Code,

1. sgx_init_quote()

2. sgx_create_report() //happens in TrustedCode

3. sgx_calcualte_quote_size()

4. sgx_get_quote()

After getting report from step 2, if i try to modify the report data segment i am getting 0x0002(Invalid param error) while calling step 4 (sgx_get_quote()).

In report generation, to create sgx_mac_t which encryption/ciper key is used?

How QE(quoting enclave) verifies the integrity of the report data? 



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