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Inel-sgx-ssl generate RSA key pairs

Hi, I am a new developer working on Intel-sgx-ssl library with Intel SGX. I tried to generate RSA key pairs by using function : sgx_create_rsa_key_pair However the function returns " Unexpected error occurred during the RSA key pair generation " I was wondering if there is something wrong with my implement: unsigned char p_d[257] = "589552BB4F2F0........"; unsigned char p_e[7] = unsigned char p_p[129] = unsigned char p_q[129] = ....... ret = sgx_create_rsa_key_pair(n_byte_size , e_byte_size, p_n, p_d, p_e, p_p, p_q, p_dmp1,p_dmq1,p_iqmp); Best Wishes, Klaus
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