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Latest BIOS Firmware for Meltdown/Spectre Fixes



I am trying to upgrade my server's BIOS but I am not sure what the latest BIOS is for Meltdown/Spectre fix.  From the search for my server, this is the latest BIOS [03.01.2028 which release on 03/05/208]:

But opening the EFI BIOS package, it says that the latest build is a bit older than on the search page (Dec 19, 2017 instead of March 5, 2018).  Since our SGX-enabled servers are using Ubuntu, I could only use the EFI BIOS package. Is this really the latest BIOS release?  The OFU-based BIOS update's release note with the same ID shows March 1, 2018.

Can anyone please confirm that the 03.01.0028 BIOS package for EFI is the same as the BIOS package for the OFU (One Boot Flash Update) are the same and that they both mitigate the Meltdown/Spectre/SGXpectre vulnerabilities?  Is there just a typo on the Release notes that show Dec 19, 2017?




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