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[Linux] sgx_create_enclave seg faults after upgrading from 2.0 to 2.4

I'm using more or less the same makefile from 2.0. Are there any new required changes for building the enclave that I'm missing? This is on Ubuntu 1604. Below is the backtrace. #0 0x00007ffff7bb863e in __morestack () from /usr/lib/ #1 0x00007ffff7bbb6e0 in CEnclave::ecall(int, void const*, void*, bool) () from /usr/lib/ #2 0x00007ffff7bbd699 in EnclaveCreatorHW::initialize(unsigned long) () from /usr/lib/ #3 0x00007ffff7bbe413 in _create_enclave_from_buffer_ex(bool, unsigned char*, unsigned long, _se_file_t&, _le_prd_css_file_t*, unsigned long*, _sgx_misc_attribute_t*, unsigned int, void const**) () from /usr/lib/ #4 0x00007ffff7bbe8e3 in _create_enclave_ex(bool, int, _se_file_t&, _le_prd_css_file_t*, unsigned char (*) [1024], int*, unsigned long*, _sgx_misc_attribute_t*, unsigned int, void const**) () from /usr/lib/ #5 0x00007ffff7bbea47 in __sgx_create_enclave_ex.part.18 () from /usr/lib/ #6 0x00007ffff7bbeb5d in sgx_create_enclave () from /usr/lib/ #7 0x0000000000402162 in initialize_enclave () at App/App.cpp:161
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