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Questions on Visual Studio project creation


I've gone over the "My First SGX App" and understand the concept. Now I want to apply it to a real project.

I created the enclave.dll in the "My First SGX App" project.

Am I correct to say I have to create a Windows Enclave Project, then add another project (DLL or EXE) to the VS enclave solution? 

Or do I need to get a "signing key" so I can just point to the enclave DLL?

Confused as to how to move from the "My First SGX App" to a real solution.


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The basic steps are described in our main SGX page at

1. Get the SDK to develop your apps.

2. Determine how to provision the secrets in your application and whether you need to do remote attestation. Click on "Access the Development Services" to apply for access to our DEV environment. Please note that it provides you with a link to generate a certificate for development purpose (

You should be able to complete your SGX application running on DEBUG mode and test it thoroughly at this point.

3. Once it is ready for production, you should go to step #3 on that page which is to "Request a Commercial Use License"

This is where you will be asked to get the production key to sign your Enclave, get it whitelisted so that your application can be launched in production "release" mode and issue remote attestation to our production environment.

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