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SGX driver for OpenSuse 15


Could anyone please tell me how to install SGX driver, SGX PSW, and SGX SDK on my machine running OpenSuse 15.

I tried installing this -

But got the below error -

xxx@audi:~/Downloads$ sudo ./sgx_linux_x64_driver_1bf506e.bin
Unpacking Intel SGX Driver ... done.
Verifying the integrity of the install package ... done.
Installing Intel SGX Driver ...
/tmp/sgx-driver-VCOgIO /upb/users/n/xxx/profiles/unix/cs/Downloads
install -d /opt/intel/sgxdriver/package
install -d /opt/intel/sgxdriver/scripts
install package/* /opt/intel/sgxdriver/package
install scripts/* /opt/intel/sgxdriver/scripts
./sgx_linux_x64_driver_1bf506e.bin: line 85: popd: /upb/users/n/xxx/profiles/unix/cs/Downloads: Permission denied
/bin/sed: can't read /etc/modules: No such file or directory

I have an  SGX application which runs on an non-SGX Ubuntu machine in simulation mode. Now I want to run the application on an real SGX machine which runs OpenSuse. I cannot use ubuntu on the machine for administration reasons.

Could any one help me how to -

1. Install the SGX driver.

2. How to check if the SGX is enabled or not if you only have access to the linux userland and not BIOS.

Many many thanks !

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