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SGX on Dell PowerEdge R330

We purchased several servers (Dell PowerEdge R330) with Xeons E3-1270 v6 to deploy applications that should make use of SGX. We do not however find any mention of SGX activation in the BIOS. The test tool ( reports that SGX is on the CPU but not enabled in the BIOS. Does anyone have any idea on how to enable it? Not being able to use SGX would be a big problem for us. Thanks!
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Typically, Dell will publish that capability on their spec. For example, in this workstation model,

on page 31, it clearly states SGX feature setting as

Table 8. Intel Software Guard Exensions
Option Description
Intel SGX Enable Allows you to enable or disable Intel Software Guard Extensions. 
The options are:
• Disabled (Default)Intel Software Guard Extensions

If there is no SGX setting in your server model documentation, please contact Dell support to see whether they can help you escalate to their technical team to get the right answer.

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