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Setting SGX to Enabled in BIOS causes MEMORY1_INITIALIZATION_FAILURE every time.


Hi, with the onslaught of DRM features to try and fight piracy ultimately making it near impossible for the end user to simply watch a movie, I've been trying to install Intel SGX, as it is one of the required conditions to play back 4K BDXL Blu-Rays.

Previously, I was unable to choose anything other than 'Disabled' or 'Software Controlled' in my BIOS.

After flashing an updated BIOS, I get the option to 'Enable' Intel SGX. Whenever I do so, I start windows and it fails with MEMORY1_INITIALIZATION_ERROR bluescreen and restarts. This happens 100% of the time.

I cannot install Intel SGX, as it was kick out the installation failed error as I cannot enable Intel SGX in the BIOS.


CPU: Intel i7 7700K

Mobo: ASUS Z270F ROG STRIX Gaming

GPU: EVGA GTX 970 (soon to be replaced with ASUS ROG STRIX GTX 1080 from eBay if that matters at all).


It only says the changes made are Intel SG Extension ["Software Controlled"] -> ["Enabled"]. Unlike this guy.

I have tried with Intel SGX enabled with iGPU enabled and disabled, CPU turbo enabled and disabled, XMP enabled and disabled. It seems to solely be enabling Intel SGX that causes crashes.


Please, any help would be highly appreciated.

Thanks :)

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For 17763 (aka 1809 aka "RS5"), there were some reports of system crashes that were addressed in build 17663.292:

(note that there is now a newer KB).

In any case, I would

1) Disable SGX in BIOS and restart the system so you can log in

2) Install the latest KB for your OS

3) Reboot, make sure it works OK

4) Reboot to BIOS and enable SGX, restart the system

If you are still seeing a system crash, can you please include the build of the OS that you have and the version of SGX installed?



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