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VS2015 SGX SDK error

Hi, I'm trying to use the SGX SDK and installed a professional version of VS2015 as per the requirements of the SDK because after a little bit of time trying to do things manually it became increasingly clear that it would be fraught with errors and issues that would be complicated to track down due to using unsupported tools. However, in VS2015 with the SDKs integration tools installed, whenever I try to create an SGX project from the new project wizard, the taskbar for VS2015 says "Creating new project [project name]..." and the first dialogue disappears, then reappears as if I had not selected any project type. Selecting other project types works just fine, it appears to only be SGX related functionality. Briefly searching has found no similar issues reported and no relevant guidance, so I am asking here. Furthermore, is anyone aware of any listed instructions anywhere for tying all of the various pieces together and just compiling from a MS command line manually if I was so inclined to do so? That is probably easier than trying to sort out why the wizard isn't working, which by suspicion and assumption is a result of no one at Intel really using the specific functionality as all of the related reference samples utilize the Intel compiler and similar. It seems like this is such a trivial error that it would be encountered all over, but I cannot find anyone else who has had the problem. Thanks Justin
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Hi Justin,

Which version of SGX SDK do you have ?

Visual studio 2015 supports SGX SDK version 1.7 only.

If not working Please try reinstalling  in the following manner:

1)Uninstall the SGX SDK , Psw and then the Visual studio and 

2)Reinstall Visual studio 2015

3) Install Intel SGX SDK 1.7 and PSW



I think that you need to re-install Visual Studio 2015 before installing the SGX SDK 1.7 again.


met same problem...

any workaround? Thanks.