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sgx and linux supplied stdio.h usages

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"A global included header file doesn’t mean that the same header file is
included in the enclave and untrusted application code.  In this case, the
enclave will use the stdio.h from the Intel(R) Software Guard Extensions
SDK. While the application code will use the stdio.h shipped with the host
compiler."  ( pg 39 of dev ref for linux os)
My sample is ( using sdk ver 2.1.1 on centos) 
enclave {
    include "stdio.h"
    untrusted {
        include "../bar.h"
    trusted {
        include "../foo.h"
        public int f1([out,in, size=100] char *i );
stdio.h in enc_u.h points to /usr/include/stdio.h 
stdio.h in enc_t.h also points to /usr/include/stdio.h --> My understanding is that this should point to SGX provided stdio.h. Request for clarification. Is there any example showing the usages of sgx and linux supplied stdio.h from the same application? 
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