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sgx_dh_responder_proc_msg2 returns SGX_ERROR_UNEXPECTED


I am using the local attestation in the SDK. I have modified it and using it as a client-server application. The client has its own enclave and the server has it own enclave. They both exchange some data. The workflow is as follows.

1. Client sends create_session requests and server replies.

2. Client send exchange_report request and the server replies.

3. Client sends some message through its enclave by encryption.

4. The server sends the same msg to its enclave , decrypts it and reads the message.

The 3rd step goes on like a million times, and when the session counter meets the below condition, I am closing the session and creating a new session.

session_info->active.counter == ((2^32)-2)

In my experiment this condition is also met several times, may be 100s of times, but after like 4 minutes, when the client tries to close the session and restart it, on the server side the function  responsible for exchange_report() fails. The below code fails with the error "SGX_ERROR_UNEXPECTED".

        //Process message 2 from source enclave and obtain message 3
        sgx_status_t se_ret = sgx_dh_responder_proc_msg2(dh_msg2,

Does anyone faced this issue before ?

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