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sgx_urtsd.dll can not found or open the PDB file?



I just want run a demo pgm "HelloWorld" to have better understanding  about sgx. EveyrTime when i debug the pgm the follow ERR msg come out;can any one tell me how to slove it ? I dont have any experience with VS IDE:

Here is the error msg:

“AppEnclaveDebugExample.exe”(Win32): loaded“\\?\C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\IntelSGXSDK\bin\win32\Release\sgx_urtsd.dll”。can not found or open the PDB file

System configuration:

  • Win7
  • VS 2017
  • the latest SGX SDK installed (with out PSW)

I refered this QA bellow; and have used the source they shared。the Err kept the same. I think there may some configuration missed in my case.Does any one can help me ?

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A PDB file contains debugging symbols. This message means that although you can still debug all of your code, you will not be able to (easily) debug the sgx_urtsd.dll binary because you don't have any debugging symbols for that binary.

You can ignore that message.

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