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How to submit issues in the Intel oneAPI Data Parallel C++ forum


Join discussions and get community support for the DPC++ compiler and language questions, and for compatibility tool issues.

To report an issue, please provide the following details about the issue so we can replicate it:

  • OS info and version
  • GCC or Visual Studio version if applicable
  • Compiler version
  • If using offload features with OpenMP target or DPC++ Compiler
    • CPU info
    • accelerator hardware info: GPU or FPGA
    • GPU/FPGA driver or runtime version
  • Toolkit package full name with version
  • Specifics on how to reproduce the problem. Include makefiles, command lines, small test cases, and build instructions
  • For regressions: provide the working compiler/tool/library version and accelerator driver version (if applicable)

Do not include private information such as your email address in your posts. If you need to share private information with an Intel employee, they can start a private thread for you.

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