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Problems with DAAL, etc. Visual Studio 2015 Integration

Hi, I've been trying to get acclimated with Intel's release of several academic focused compiler and software tools. I'm in the process of messing around with the libraries and I think there is a problem with the integration of the installed tool and Microsoft Visual Studio 2015. Although I do see the options for working with Intel's software tools, etc. it doesn't seem as if I can select that I would like to use the Intel compiler like when it is already specified in the example files. After messing around with it for some time within visual studio 2015, etc. I decided that there might be something within the installation directory that I could use to configure the compiler and variables if a system variable or something wasn't configured properly. Unfortunately, running the bat file located in C:\Program Files (x86)\IntelSWTools\compilers_and_libraries_2016\windows\bin throws an error indicating that the script has trouble determining the location of Visual Studio's Common Tools. I would like to get this configured and running with the version of Visual Studio 2015 I am running (Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition). If there are some system variables it might be beneficial to set or useful visual studio configurations I would appreciate hearing them.
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Please take a look at this article about "Getting Started with Intel DAAL for Windows": 

Although the discussion is not about using Visual Studio 2015 per se, there is good information you can use to configure your IDE. 


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