Intel® oneAPI Data Analytics Library
Community support for building compute-intensive applications that run fast on Intel® architecture.
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Samples on Github


Intel® Data Analytics Acceleration Library has a set of samples available, which demonstrate various use cases since the first version:

Starting from Intel DAAL 2018 release we made samples available on Github*:

These Intel® DAAL samples are a collection of code samples for various algorithms that you can include in your program and immediately use: 

  • with the Intel® MPI Library in C++ or Python* application
  • on the Hadoop* cluster in a Java* application
  • on the Spark* cluster in Scala, Java* or Python* application
  • with a MySQL* database in a C++ application
  • with a KDB+* database in a C++ application
  • to create the most common neural network topologies, such as LeNet*, GoogleNet*, AlexNet*, ResNet-50* in a C++ or Python* application
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Scala samples for Spark* were first introduced in this release. They were designed with ease of use and ease of integration for existing MLlib users in mind. You can find more details on that topic in dedicated article here: