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CLI installation seems broken under OS X (all versions)


I am working with the Spack package manager which builds and installs science software and development tools from source. Spack is /not/ a GUI application and I use it from scripts in a "headless" automated build farm with OS X, *BSD, and Linux hosts. In the ancient past, there was the ability to do silent / scriptable installs under OS X for Intel software tools (including MKL), but since 16.* this ability seems to have been removed:

myhost:MacOS $ sudo ./ --cli-mode --silent /tmp/silent.cfg
./ line 639: /Volumes/m_mkl_2017.3.181/ No such file or directory

Attempts at running install_gui from the terminal with the same option set is semi-successful. Unfortunately, it appears that PSET_INSTALL_DIR is partially ignored as files are installed into / rather than /opt/intel. The end of the install.log reads:

1504830718:672 : user_is_root: user is root
1504830718:672 : base_user_dir: result is /opt/intel/
1504830718:672 : save_silent_config: get value of the ACCEPT_EULA
1504830718:672 : save_silent_config: get value of the CONTINUE_WITH_OPTIONAL_ERROR
1504830718:672 : save_silent_config: get value of the PSET_INSTALL_DIR
1504830718:672 : getPsetCoreSubdir: started
1504830718:672 : getPsetCoreSubdir: suite core subdir is /parallel_studio_xe_2017.4.049
1504830718:672 : save_silent_config: get value of the CONTINUE_WITH_INSTALLDIR_OVERWRITE
1504830718:672 : save_silent_config: get value of the COMPONENTS
1504830718:672 : save_silent_config: get value of the PSET_MODE
1504830718:672 : save_silent_config: get value of the XCODE_DIR
1504830718:672 : save_silent_config: get value of the XCODE_INTEGRATION_NEEDED
1504830718:672 : save_silent_config: finished
1504830718:672 : mkdtemp: result /li_plugin_c.YwHsPb
1504830718:672 : env_set_string_internal: key "PWD" with value "/pset_user_stat" (length 15)
1504830718:672 : plugin_run: library is "/pset_user_stat/user_stat", func is "send_user_stat"
1504830718 - ERROR : plugin_run: dlopen(/pset_user_stat/user_stat, 9): image not found
1504830718:672 : main: error during running of pset_user_stat layer
1504830718 - WARN : main: temporary folder is not defined
1504830718:672 : main: removing marker file /tmp/foo/intel.pset.root.running.marker
1504830718:673 : dump_debug_info: , , , 

1504830718:673 : Exit code is 0
1504830718:673 : Logging finished at Thu Sep  7 19:31:58 2017

It would be very useful to have a method to reliably install MKL from the command-line in an automated fashion under OS X or a scriptable work-around in the meantime. For bonus, it would be nice to be able to do so without root privileges.

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The current MKL installer does not support/require "--cli-mode" option, just run the installer without it as: sudo ./ --silent /tmp/silent.cfg

You can launch the installer with "--help" option to get the list of supporting options. Please note that installation requires administrative or root privileges.

Please let us know if it helps.

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