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Calling Fortran Blas routine from C



I am trying to call Fortran subroutine that calls zdotu from C.

I am using linking flags from Advisor

These linking flags for both C and Fortran work when I compiled samples dgemm and matrix multiplication.

However, I am getting SIGSEGV, when running my simple app when both Fortran and C linking flags are used.

I am using GNU compiler, Intel OpenMP lib, intel64 platform, sizeof(int)=4, tried both dynamic and static linking.

The code I am trying to run is actually from R configure script.

Please let me know, how to link both Fortran and C at the same time.


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I doubt that the problem is just a linking issue. I suspect that the Fortran routine in MKL is not receiving the proper argument list. If you show the malfunctioning code and instructions to reproduce it, some progress may be possible.


Hi Eli,

Could you please tell how do you call the function.  MKL support call fortran routine from c.

for example,  you may refer to the MKL user guide : there is sample call zdotc.  (almost same as zdotu).  Please not the output C was the first parameter in routine. 

Example "Calling a Complex BLAS Level 1 Function from C++"
Below is the C++ implementation:
#include <complex>
#include <iostream>
#define MKL_Complex16 std::complex<double>
#include "mkl.h"
#define N 5
int main()
int n, inca = 1, incb = 1, i;
std::complex<double> a, b, c;
n = N;
for( i = 0; i < n; i++ ){
a = std::complex<double>(i,i*2.0);
b = std::complex<double>(n-i,i*2.0);
zdotc(&c, &n, a, &inca, b, &incb );
std::cout << "The complex dot product is: " << c << std::endl;
return 0;

Best Regards,


P.S If your program related to R and MKL.

It may be more than the problem. Just for your reference:

for example, there are mainly  two ways

1. how you could use MKL from R by load dynamic library

2. integrate MKL to R to use BLAS and LAPACK.  and

Build R-3.4.2 with Intel® C++ and Fortran Compilers



Thanks everybody for prompt replies

I fixed the problem. Everything is linking and works now. However, R regression test with MKL vs OpenBLAS reports at least 2 more failures.

I am not sure if number in R regression tests are right, it needs some investigation.