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getrf hangs when using intel threads in calling application

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I am calling getrf from one thread in my application, the other threads are waiting at a taskwait. Task manager looks like all threads are maxed out and getrf never returns.

The  matrix size is quite small 2763x2763. But can be up to 10000 square.

If I call mkl_set_num_threads_local(1) before entry it fixes the issue but then getrf is then only using one thread.

I am using MKL 11.3 with mkl_intel_thread_dll.lib on Windows 64 bit

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Andrew, we made many updates wrt this routine since 11.3.* ( you may see many improvements into MKL 2017/2018 bug fix lists). could you try the latest MKL 2018 u1 or give us  the reproducer and we will check this case with the latest version?