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Can't compute eigenvalues with mkl_sparse_d_gv routine.


Hello. I have a problem with computing eigenvalues of a general eigenvalue problem with mkl_sparse_d_gv routine. I have two finite element models that produce A and B matrices (B is positive definite). I need to solve [A]*v = [B]*v*k (where v is an eigenvector, k is an eigenvalue).

The first model computes fine. (Matrices are in files: A.txt, B.txt).

In the second model, I have just changed the mesh and mkl library throws an error. (Matrices are in files A_err.txt, B_err.txt).

Actually, I work on AMD based computer (but I don't think it should cause a problem). I work on Windows 10 and use Visual Studio Community 2015 for developing.

Also I present a source code (main.cpp) for the problem.

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